Girls in Africa Desperately Need Menstrual Cups and Pads. Those of us living in developed countries often take our access to feminine hygiene products for granted. But instead of reaching for your product of choice when you get your period, what if you didn’t have any reliable way to stop your flow? No pads, no tampons, no menstrual cup. Nothing.

Sadly, adolescent schoolgirls around the world face that reality every month. Indeed, a lack of proper feminine hygiene products is one of the biggest challenges to gender equality in impoverished countries. In places like South Africa, girls have to make do with rags, bits of paper and sometimes even grass. These aren’t exactly leak proof methods. Worrying about embarrassing leaks at school is something that keeps girls from attending during their period.

7 Million girls in SA miss school every month due to lack of access to sanitary pads.

It might come as a surprise that an item as simple as a menstrual cup  can make a real difference in helping these girls obtain a better life. 

Sending disposable pads and tampons isn’t a solution because many of these areas don’t have trash disposal facilities. Cloth pads and menstrual cups are the most logical choice.

Making a Difference When You Buy
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Thoughtful Partnerships

Genix Care welcomes the opportunity to join forces with incredible organizations around the world, whose integrated approaches across health, education and other service sectors allows us to provide a valuable link through Genix Giving.

At Genix Care, we understand that strong partnerships are key. Here are some of the qualities we look for in our Giving Partners.

Giving Partners work with communities to address their needs in a way that will enable the community to meet its own needs in the future.
We seek locally staffed and led organizations that have a long-term commitment to the regions where they work.
Genix Care support furthers our Giving Partners' long-term goals and is integrated into their programs.
Genix Care is committed to improving our Giving by continually evolving. We look for partners who can report back to us on how we can improve.
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