Make a better future with myCoinvest


Ever wonder how it would be if you can connect your NEM NanoWallet directly to your bank account and buy and sell NEM Mosaics with your local currency. Well myCoinvest team has put together a revolutionary savings solution

The myCoinvest SMART Wallet:

This SMART wallet connects you with a wide array of services offered within the myCoinvest Ecosystem.

Default services offered within the SMART Wallet include:

  • Banking / Savings
  • Online Market
  • Currency Exchange / Conversion
  • Money Transfer
  • Gift Card Redemption

Main problem focus:

Majority of Americans live pay check to pay check and have no savings.

  • Overdraft fees and other frivolous charges cost Americans over $15 billion dollars each year.
  • Currency transmission and conversion is often an expensive, slow, and insecure process.
  • Popular online markets charge sellers up to and more than, 15% of their sales.
  • Credit card fraud and identity theft costs Americans over $190 billion each year.
  • $41 billion in gift card value goes unclaimed, and is lost each year.

MyCoinvest solution to this global savings problem is a platform built directly on NEM Blockchain maximizing the utility within

Problem solution overview:

  • Low cost, secure, and nearly instantaneous Fiat/Crypto transmission and conversion tools
  • Easy to use savings solution with no hidden fees, credit checks, or predatory practices.
  • A multi-faceted marketplace that is decentralized & cryptographically secured allows massive cost reduction in the sales of goods and services
  • Gift card redemption system will connect gift card holders with buyers.

SMART Wallet Savings System:

  • Automatic Rounding – The SMART Saving wallet allows a user to make micro deposits to their savings goals every time they shop. Transactions are rounded to the nearest dollar, with the excess deposited directly into your SMART Wallet.
  • Goals – Anyone with a myCoinvest account can set goals to work towards. Large or small, you can customize your savings goals to fit your investing needs.
  • Daily Pay-out – Micro deposits held in SMART Wallets, and applied to goals, are utilized by myCoinvest to issue margin loans to cryptocurrency traders. Profits from these margin loans are disbursed to goal setters on a daily basis.
  • Reputation – Build reputation in the network by recruiting, and interacting with peers to earn additional pay-outs harvesting on top of NEM’s POI.

What makes this one of the best Ecosystem?

The SMART Wallet App is the internal gateway into the financial ecosystem

  • We’ve built a software developer kit (SDK) for developers to build directly on top of the myCoinvest infrastructure.
  • Building directly on top of the myCoinvest platform, will enable the ability for payment processing and block chain grade security to be integrated directly into any mobile application.
  • The marketplace, will serve as an external gateway allowing users to exchange different NEM mosaics as they travel from one solution to the next.

Ex. A user travels to the Philippines and exchanges their Vezcoin (CVZ) for Loyalcoin (LYL) at the marketplace, and spends it as rewards as they shop with participating loyal merchants


Peer to Peer Savings Market

With the SMART Wallet, users will have access to the myCoinvest peer- peer savings marketplace, or VezClub Exchange.

Ease of Use – Since the marketplace is included within the ecosystem users no longer have to finagle around trying to move money, convert it; withdraw it, nor any of the inconveniences within other marketplaces.

In conclusion, the myCoinvest ecosystem will add direct value to the NEM blockchain with its easy to use solution geared for mass adoption with this massive user base, the volume for NEM will increase as XEM is used to process and settle transactions.

The Vezclub Marketplace, will be the centre for global demand for all “savings goals” and serve as the first NEM exchange in the US to support mosaics.

User friendly financial savings ecosystem that offers an incentivized automatic savings platform powered by blockchain.

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